Wednesday, May 9, 2012

TFS Queries: Searching in all files of the source control

For an intro on LinqPad and the TFS API please read this post
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Searching in all files of a solution inside Visual Studio is very useful. In TFS you can search for files of a collection but there is no built in functionality to search for text inside those files. Using the TFS API we can do this kind of thing.

Required references


Query (C# Program)

string[] textPatterns = new[] { "Main(string", "(this " };
string[] filePatterns = new[] { "*.cs", "*.xml", "*.config" };

void Main()
 var tfs = TfsTeamProjectCollectionFactory
  .GetTeamProjectCollection(new Uri("http://localhost:8088/tfs"));

 var versionControl = tfs.GetService<VersionControlServer>();
 var teamBranches = versionControl.QueryRootBranchObjects(RecursionType.Full)
  .Where (s => !s.Properties.RootItem.IsDeleted)
  .Select(s => s.Properties.RootItem.Item)
  .Dump("Searching in the following branches");
 filePatterns.Dump("File patterns");
 textPatterns.Dump("Text patterns");

 foreach (var teamBranch in teamBranches)
  foreach (var filePattern in filePatterns)
   foreach (var item in versionControl.GetItems(teamBranch + "/" 
    + filePattern, RecursionType.Full).Items)

// Define other methods and classes here
private void SearchInFile(Item file)
 var result = new List<string>();
 var stream = new StreamReader(file.DownloadFile(), Encoding.Default);
 var line = stream.ReadLine();
 var lineIndex = 0;
 while (!stream.EndOfStream)
  if (textPatterns.Any(p => line.IndexOf(p, StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase) >= 0))
   result.Add("Line " + lineIndex + ": " + line.Trim());
  line = stream.ReadLine();
 if (result.Count > 0) result.Dump(file.ServerItem);


You will get all the lines and line numbers matching the text search patterns for all files matching the file search patterns. This may take a lot of time (30 minutes on some occurrence so be careful!). You might want to add more restrictions, especially the the branches to query around line 12.


TrayKarn said...

Hello, I am very happy to see this. Although I think that this is for tfs2010. Is there any way you could show what changes are required to perform this sort of querying in tfs2008??? I would find it very helpful.

Pascal Laurin said...

Hi TrayKarn,

You are right, I'm targeting TFS2010 and even TFS2012 for some of the latest queries. Unfortunately, I know that the API changed a bit since previous versions. Looking at the MSDN documentation I can only find information on TFS2005 and I can see a lot of changes. I know that VersionControlServer doesn't have QueryRootBranchObjects on it and that you can't use TfsTeamProjectCollectionFactory but something else. The rest of the query should not change much but as I don't have access to a TFS2008 server I cannot test the changes required.

Sorry about that.

TrayKarn said...

No worries thanks for the reply.

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Pinnacle Web Solutions said...

Thanks a lot , it worked like a charm...

Just need to add following Nuget (Microsoft.TeamFoundationServer.ExtendedClient) to get the referenced Assemblies