Saturday, May 7, 2011


Rather than using svn.exe through Process.Start SharpSvn library offers a complete API mapping of the command line tool.

It can be downloaded from the website or fetched via NuGet with: Install-Package SharpSvn.x86 or Install-Package SharpSvn.x64

The API may seem a bit weird at first but that’s because it wraps a C++ library under the hood.

As of April 2011 there is no official documentation of the API, so the best source is still trying to make svn.exe do what you want and then translate that in C#.

So far, the other source of information I currently use is the discussion forums

One other thing don't really like is the footprint of this library, 64Mo for the NuGet package and 21Mo in bin. Its huge!! I hope that future version will be a bit more slim than now.

Overall it's still a lot better than using svn.exe directly.